Увеличен ассортимент импортируемого минерального и химического сырья
Now the search for understudies for raw materials is underway, but such a strategy in the work of the enterprise leads to a change in quality, recipes and technological process. In principle, this is a standard procedure and is used in case of unforeseen difficulties in deliveries. We did this work, but this process took place for several decades. Selection of the best world quality of mineral and chemical raw materials, testing in industry institutes, with testing of raw materials and manufacture of finished products, then development of logistics and putting on the market for use in the production of materials offered by our company that have been used successfully for many years, our priority.In a changing global supply chain, we have increased our assortment for industries such as ceramics, welding, refractory, casting, glass industry, pulp and paper mill and are maintaining supplies of mineral and chemical raw materials manufactured by global manufacturers, without changing quality.